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A pragmatic, innovative, and proven approach focused on customer satisfaction

The CyberManager is a product and management system of IRM360 B.V.
We are specialized in developing and delivering Integrated Risk Management solutions that are widely used in healthcare, government, and the business market. We are proud to have many international SMBs and Large organizations, ICT, (financial) services, accountancy, municipalities, hospitals, and healthcare institutions among our customers.

Pragmatism is deeply rooted in our DNA. Our solutions cover processes that are sometimes considered complex and many of our users are not experts in information security management or privacy management. For this reason, we incorporate innovative and fresh concepts in our software, focusing on functionality and ease of use.

Our customers and partners, therefore, have the opportunity to work with us to continuously improve our products. Suggestions that contribute to our products in a broad sense and fit into our vision of Integrated Risk Management and our standard software approach (no customization) will be added to our roadmap.

Our customers use our solutions to get results in proving demonstrable control and compliance, this is our drive. Our customers prove this through many successful implementations, demonstrable compliance, and obtained certifications.

IRM360 B.V. is part of the ISATIS Group, an ICT company which has been active since 1987. IRM360 has offices in Nijmegen and Deventer. Together with more than 260 colleagues we offer unique and innovative ICT solutions for various markets.

Our vision:

Achieve pragmatic, cost-efficient, focused, and independent risk management & compliance for certification and compliance with laws and regulations.


Our strategy:

Through a portfolio of integrable Plug & Play management systems including ready-to-go content based on an Integrated Risk Management (IRM) philosophy. This enables any organisation, from small to large, simple or complex, active nationally and internationally, to realize targeted or integral risk management and certification.


Social and sustainable business

We consider our social and sustainable commitment very logical.

Therefore we support various activities in the field of volunteering and various causes that have a positive impact on our Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) objectives.

Furthermore, we have made a donation to the Mission Blue project to protect our seas and oceans.
Through an IRM360 Mission Blue fundraising page for this charity, we would like to encourage everyone, companies, and individuals, to donate here.

We strive for a circular business model and make conscious choices for sustainable and energy-efficient solutions, such as the use of a paperless office, sustainable purchasing, a policy to discourage leased cars, and a policy to encourage the use of public transport.
For example, our current office location "De Leeuwenbrug" has an energy label A (efficient climate system, cooling ceilings, solar energy) and is located right next to the station.

Whether at the office, on the road, or at customer or homework locations, we pay attention to the well-being of our employees. 
Providing a safe and pleasant working atmosphere is important to us for our employees.

SBB (Samenwerkingsorganisatie Beroepsonderwijs Bedrijfsleven)

has acknowleged IRM360 as an official training company.


Isatis Group / IRM360 B.V. Nijmegen

Keizer Karelplein 32
6511 NH Nijmegen, the Netherlands
+31 24 3297772

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IRM360 B.V. location Deventer

Leeuwenbrug 85
7411 TH Deventer, the Netherlands
+ 31 24 3297772

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