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Comply with the e.g. ISO 27001, ISO 27701, ISO 22301, GDPR, NIS Directive, ITGC, ISAE3402

Integrated management systems for Cyber Security, Information Security, Privacy & Business Continuity.

Information Security Management System (ISMS)

The CyberManager management system gives you full insight and control of an ISMS according to the ISO 27001, NEN 7510, or e.g. BIO norms, and is in line with the certification requirements. Tasks with clear deadlines can be assigned in a focused and often recurring manner, saving you time and money. Everyone, from Information Security Officer, Audit Manager, or task user, knows what to do!

  • Insight in risk
  • Status and control of ISMS tasks based on Plan-Do-Check-Act and e-mail notification
  • Statement of applicability and management review
  • External audits
  • Register for improvements and deviations
  • Objectives and KPIs

Privacy Information Management System (PIMS)

With the PIMS integrated with the ISMS, you can manage your AVG/GDPR requirements from within CyberManager. 

From the Dashboard, you have instant insight into the level of compliance with, for example, the AVG or standards such as ISO 27701.

  • Processor Register & Workflow
  • Processors & processor agreements
  • (Pre)Dpia's
  • Data breach management
  • Risk management
  • Standards frameworks ISO 27701, Norea PCF etc.
The PIMS is part of the CyberManager Standard, Advanced and Pro licences.

Cyber Security Management System (CSMS)

From the CSMS, you can protect your organisation even better against cybercrime and test your systems for vulnerabilities.

  • Connects to the cyber security concepts Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond and Recover
  • Simple selection of measures based on attributes such as Anti-Ransomware and linking to resources, processes or departments.
  • Integrated vulnerability analysis incl. assignment of improvement action and maintenance in an improvement register.
  • Fully integrated with the Incident-, Data-Keak-, Risk- and Audit Management System of the CyberManager ISMS.
  • Available frameworks and integrated measure selection attribute from IEC-62443, CIS Controls, CSIR and the NIST CSF.
The CSMS is part of the CyberManager Advanced and Pro license.

Business Continuity Management System (BCMS)

With the integrated BCMS, you can perform various Business Continuity Assessments of resources based on classification or from a Business Impact Assessment, register the continuity plans and test continuity. 

From the Dashboard, you have direct insight into the degree of compliance with, for example, the ISO 22301 standard. The integration with the ISMS and BIA assessments prevents duplicate work. 

Of course, the internal and external audits, risk register, declaration of applicability and management review are also available for the BCMS.

The BCMS is part of the CyberManager Pro license.

Close your digital doors and scan your online systems for vulnerabilities

Hackers and cybercriminals are becoming increasingly adept at penetrating systems and stealing or passing on information. It is therefore extremely important to periodically check your online systems for possible vulnerabilities so that you know if and where you are at risk and can take targeted measures. 

The solution offers automated, periodic scans for websites, company networks or other systems that are directly connected to the Internet, creating an integrated solution. 

  • Adjustable per IP address or URL in terms of type and frequency.
  • Checks for more than 120,000 known vulnerabilities, including the OWASP top 10.
  • Daily update of the scanners.

Our Scan functionality is part of the CyberManager Advanced and Pro license.

Manage risks in one place

The risk dashboard and risk register provide insight into your organisational, process or resource risks and the status of analyses and treatments.

Measures are easily selected via a risk treatment or by using selection attributes. The system is filled as standard with a rich database of threats.

The risk management system is part of the CyberManager Standard, Advanced and Pro license.

Continuous improvement and insight into tasks

Central to our management systems is a continuous improvement approach based on risk management, policies, measures, monitoring and audits to identify deviations, test effectiveness, evaluate and correct.

Users can see at a glance all the actions that need to be taken
Plan-Do-Check-Act tasks and receive e-mail notifications.

Reduce audit pressure and costs

Audit programmes are quick to set up, schedule or re-run. Improvement actions are easy to assign and the reuse of evidence makes implementation easy. 

From the Internal Audit Dashboard, the internal audit planning can be visualised, including recurring audits over the years. The dashboard gives you insight into all open and expired tasks and you can manage them from here.

The Audit Management System is part of the CyberManager Standard, Advanced and Pro Licence.

Integrated E-Learning for risk awareness

Risk awareness for Privacy and Information Security can be easily and integrally arranged through the integrated E-Learning management system. It enables an integrated approach so that your employees are not the weakest link but a strong one. Results are easy to integrate with, for example, the management review.

The E-Learning management system is part of the CyberManager Standard, Advanced and Pro licences.

Especially for organisations that focus on ISO 27001, or other norms for information security, we have developed specific awareness programmes that are tuned to the aspects Physical, Human, Organisation and Technique as well as Privacy. With this, you are well in line with the Annex A requirements from the ISO 27001 that will apply from 2022.



Template sets for SMB's, ICT, healthcare, government, corporations, education and accountants



Supported standards and frameworks:

Information Security: ISO 27001, ISO 27002, ISO 27017, ISO 27018, ISAE 3402, SOC 2
Privacy: ISO 27701 (Privacy management), AVG-CIP Privacy Baseline, AVG/GDPR, AVG-NOREA, Norea Privacy Control Framework
Cyber Security: NIST CSF, IEC 62443, CSIR
Business Continuity: ISO 22301 (Business continuity)
Quality, environment and safety: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, VCA
Government: housing corporations: BIO, Suwinet, Digid, AVG-VNG, ENSIA, BIC, WPG
Healthcare: NEN7510, NEN7512, NEN7513, NTA-7516, BBMcare
Accountancy and financial services; AFM principles for information security, DNB accountability framework information security
Education: IBHO, saMBO ICT
For the sake of convenience, where possible most links have already been made between the norm controls from the norms and frameworks and the control measure sets.

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