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 IRM360 - CSMS

Cyber Security Management System

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Save costs and time and avoid incidents.

Instantly control your Cyber risks and prevent incidents.

Integrated vulnerability analysis and insight into your risk management

Cyber Security Management System (CSMS)

From the CSMS, you can further protect your organization against cybercrime and test your systems for vulnerabilities.

  • Aligns with cyber security concepts Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond and Recover
  • Simple measures selection based on attributes such as Anti-Ransomware and linking to resources, processes, or departments.
  • Integrated vulnerability analysis including assigning improvement action and keeping track of it in an improvement register.
  • Fully integrated with the Incident, Data Breach, Risk, and Audit management system of the IRM360 ISMS.
  • Available frameworks and integrated measure selection attribute from IEC-62443, CIS controls, CSIR, and the NIST CSF.
The CSMS is part of the IRM360 Advanced and Pro license.

Close your digital doors, scan your online systems for vulnerabilities

Hackers and cybercriminals are becoming increasingly adept at penetrating systems and stealing or passing on information. Thus, it is extremely important to periodically check online systems for potential vulnerabilities so that you know if and where you are at risk and can take targeted action. 

The solution provides automated, periodic scans for Web sites, corporate networks, or other systems directly connected to the Internet, creating an integrated solution.

  • Handling of vulnerabilities based on improvement tasks included in a Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle with e-mail notification.
  • Configurable by IP address or URL in terms of type and frequency.
  • Monitoring of more than 120,000 known vulnerabilities, including the OWASP top-10.
  • Daily update of scanners.

Manage risks in one place

Through the risk dashboard and risk register, you have insight into your organizational, process, or resource risks and the status of analyses and treatments.

Measures are easily selected via risk treatment or by using selection attributes. By default, the system is populated with a rich database of threats.

The risk management system is part of the IRM360 Standard, Advanced and Pro license.
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Continuous improvement and insight into tasks

Central to our management systems is an approach to continuous improvement based on risk management, policies, measures, monitoring and audits to identify deviations, test effectiveness, evaluate, and correct.

Users can see at a glance all the executable
Plan-Do-Check-Act tasks and receive e-mail notifications of them.

Reduce audit pressure and costs

With IRM360's management system, audit programmes are quick to set up, schedule, or recur. Improvement actions are easily assigned and reusing evidence makes implementation easy.

From the Internal Audit dashboard, the internal audit planning can be made visual, including recurring audits throughout the years. From the dashboard you have insight into all open and expired tasks and you can manage them from here.



Especially for organizations focusing on Cyber Security, we have developed specific awareness programs tailored to the aspects of Physical, Human, Organizational, and Technical as well as Privacy. This also aligns you well with the Annex A requirements from ISO 27001 that apply from 2022.

Read more about our integrated E-Learning management system

Integrated E-Learning for risk awareness

Risk Awareness for Privacy and Information Security is easy and integral through the integrated E-Learning management system. It enables an integral approach so that your employees are not the weakest link but a strong one. Results are easily integrated into, for example, the management review.

The E-Learning management system is part of the IRM360 Standard, Advanced, and Pro license.



Easy implementation & meeting standards

A clear roadmap is available for implementing the IRM360 management system so that you can get started quickly and independently.

To support the implementation of various standards and frameworks, several Quick Start guides are available and checklists to support you in preparing for your external audits. 


The CSMS is fully aligned with the standards and Cyber Security frameworks listed below:

  • CIS Controls
  • IEC 62443
  • CSIR

For your convenience, where possible most of the links have already been made for you between standards controls, from the standards and frameworks with the control measure sets, and mappings have also been made with standards such as the ISO 27001 management system and the Annex A so that you don't duplicate issues.

IRM360 - Subscriptions

Depending on your subscription, the CyberManager Suite includes the ISMS, PIMS, CSMS, and/or BCMS management system

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