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 IRM360 - PIMS

Privacy Information Management System

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Protect your private data with ISMS integration.

Easy visibility into your privacy risks, data breaches, and processing registry

Privacy Information Management System (PIMS)

Through the PIMS integrated with the ISMS, you can control your AVG/GDPR requirements from the IRM360 management system.

From the Dashboard, you have instant insight into the level of compliance with, for example, the GDPR or standards such as ISO 27701. 

  • Processor Register & Workflow
  • Processors & processor agreements
  • (Pre)Dpia's
  • Data breach management
  • Risk management
  • Standards frameworks ISO 27701, Norea PCF, etc.
The PIMS is part of the IRM360 Standard, Advanced, and Pro licenses.

Complete processing register

The basis of our Privacy Information Management System is the processing register. It is simple in design but all the elements you need are there to quickly populate the register, from bases, data categories, retention periods, pre DPIA, processors and processor agreements, processors and sub-processors EEA reviews, etc.

The PIMS is integrally linked to the ISMS and the other IRM360 management systems and links to processes, organizational units or resources are easily made. You can also use our API to publish data via a website, for example, if desired. 

After completing the register, you quickly have insight into which processing operations are risky and you can perform a DPIA.

You can optimally include the PIMS processing register in a workflow so that those involved know when changes have been made and need to be evaluated. 

Manage risk in one place

Through the risk dashboard and risk register, you have insight into your privacy risks and the status of analyses and treatments.

Measures are easily selected via risk treatment or by using selection attributes. By default, the system is populated with a rich database of privacy threats.

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Continuous visibility and administration of data breaches

A data breach is initially an incident. Through the management system, you can easily record incidents. Through a smart method, the system helps you identify Data Breaches based on various characteristics during registration. The system takes a proactive approach to bring potential data breaches already to the attention of the privacy officer. Using a checklist, you can determine whether data breaches must be reported to the AP and those involved. It is easy to keep a record of this. 

Reduce audit pressure and costs

Audit programs are quick to set up, schedule, or recur. Improvement actions are easily assigned and reusing evidence makes implementation easy. 

Throughout the Internal Audit dashboard, any privacy standards such as ISO 27701 are easily visualized to create an internal audit schedule, including recurring audits over the years. From the dashboard, you have insight into all open and expired tasks and you can manage them from here. With simple integration, you can integrate your ISO 27001 audits so you don't have to do double work. 


Integrated E-Learning for Privacy Risk Awareness

Risk Awareness for Privacy and is easily and integrally managed through the integrated E-Learning management system. It enables an integrated approach so that your employees are not the weakest link but a strong one. Results are easily integrated into, for example, the management review for ISO 27701.

Easy implementation & meeting standards

A clear roadmap is available for introducing the IRM360 management system so that you can get started quickly and independently.

To support the introduction of the PIMS, a GDPR-PIMS Quick Start guide is available with checklists to support you in preparing for any external audits. 


IRM360 - Subscriptions

Depending on your subscription, the CyberManager Suite includes the ISMS, PIMS, CSMS, and/or BCMS management system

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