ISO27017 - Information security for cloud services

The ISO 27017 standard is an important step for organisations looking to secure and keep their cloud services safe. The standard provides guidelines and management measures specifically aimed at securing data in the cloud.

One of the main advantages of ISO 27017 is that it provides a clear framework for the responsibilities of both the cloud service provider and the user. This provides a clear delineation of who is responsible for what, allowing organisations to provide their customers with the necessary assurance.

Moreover, ISO 27017 provides guidelines and measures focused on managing data in the cloud. This means that organisations have more control over their data and are better able to protect it. By implementing these measures, organisations can assure their customers that their data is and remains secure.

An ISO 27017 certification also offers compliance benefits. The standard is based on ISO 27002, which means it meets international standards for information security. By complying with these standards, organisations can demonstrate compliance with regulations and standards applicable to their sector.

It is also important to emphasise that the ISO 27017 standard is constantly being updated and adapted to the latest developments in cloud security. This means that organisations complying with the standard are always up-to-date with the latest security measures and can continue to improve their security.

An ISO 27017 certification also offers reputational and competitive advantages. Organisations that comply with this standard can assure their customers of the highest levels of security and reliability. This can be an important factor in customers' decision to choose a particular cloud service provider.

In short, the ISO 27017 standard is an important framework for data security in the cloud. It provides organisations with the necessary guidelines and measures to protect their data and provide assurance to their customers. By complying with this standard, organisations can enhance their reputation, increase their competitive advantage and comply with the laws and regulations applicable to their industry.

ISO27018 - Privacy protection cloud services

An ISO27018 certification offers organisations several benefits. Besides the added security in protecting personal data, it can also offer a competitive advantage. Many organisations prefer cloud providers that are demonstrably compliant with certain norms and standards, such as ISO27018. This can be an important factor when choosing a cloud provider.

In addition, achieving ISO27018 certification can also lead to cost savings. Implementing the necessary control measures and processes can ensure a more efficient and streamlined way of processing personal data. This can result in lower costs and less risk of fines or reputational damage due to data breaches or privacy breaches.

Another benefit of the ISO27018 standard is that it helps cloud service providers to be more transparent in how they process and secure personal data. This can help build trust with customers and other stakeholders. Moreover, a transparent approach can help prevent reputational damage in the event of a data breach or security incident.

Finally, an ISO27018 certification can also help ensure compliance with data protection laws and regulations. With the growing focus on privacy and data protection in many countries around the world, having an ISO27018 certification can help prove that the organisation complies with relevant laws and regulations, thus avoiding fines.

ISO27001 often forms the basis for information security within organisations, and when organisations also offer cloud services, there is a combination. Since both standards are based on ISO27002, the step to ISO27017 or ISO27018 is quite easy and most measures will already be implemented, but need to be applied more specifically.

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