Close your digital doors by increasing the
Cyber Resilience of your employees

Reduce the risk of phishing, viruses, hackers and ransomware.


Awareness integral to the PDCA CyberManager system

Increase your employees' risk awareness

Test results visible in your ISMS
and management review

Make risk awareness part of your management system


The E-Learning Management System is included as standard in the CyberManager Standard, Advanced and Pro subscriptions, and comes with a free Security & Privacy test that you can use to demonstrate the level of risk awareness in a certification audit.


Add optional E-Learning packs to your CyberManager licence

In addition, we offer the possibility to increase the risk awareness level of your employees through our optional E-Learning training, which allows you to protect your organisation even better against, for example, data leaks, hackers and ransomware attacks by training your users.

Packs are available for Information Security, Privacy and even tailored to ISO 27002.


The following packs are available:

ISMS pack with the modules: People, Technology, Organisation & Physics
Privacy pack with the modules Privacy general and GDPR

Manage all your Consciousness programmes in one place

  • Easy user management by group level, function/role or even
    by ADFS/AzureAD Security groups.
  • Create your own E-Learnings, add questionnaires and video material.
  • Direct insight into progress and results.
  • Available in multiple languages.

Behaviour change, knowledge and testing in one

Awareness of information security risks such as phishing, ransomware, privacy, etc. are of course central. With the gained knowledge we focus on "Knowing is Knowing".

Because our E-Learnings are an integral part of a Plan-Do-Check-Act management system, you are able to realise continuous improvement.

Demonstrate the level of awareness for your ISO 27001 audit

Central to the IRM360 management systems is the interactive management review report. Here you have the possibility to record the results of E-Learnings directly and use the measurement results for external certification audits for example ISO 27001, ISO 277001, etc. 

Especially for organisations that focus on ISO 27001, NEN7510, or for example the BIO norms for information security, we have specific programmes tuned to the aspects Physical, Human, Organisation and Technique as well as Privacy. This enables you to comply with the Annex A requirements of ISO 27001, which will apply from 2022 onwards.

Optional E-Learning packs to add to your CyberManager licence

Our unique offer is that the number of users does not determine the price of our optional E-Learning packages, but rather your CyberManager licence. For example, if you have a CyberManager Small licence, then 5 management users will have access and an unlimited number of task users.

Our E-Learning packs are compatible with this licensing model. Click below for prices.



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