Increase the cyber resilience
of your employees.

 RAMS - Risk Awareness Management System

Reduce the risk of phishing, viruses, hackers and ransomware

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Awareness integrally regulated from a PDCA approach

Increase your employees' risk awareness

Test results visible in your ISMS
and management review

Risk awareness as part of your operations and integrated into your management systems

Standards such as ISO 27001 but also privacy legislation such as the GDPR structurally require demonstrable risk awareness. Various international studies have shown that most data breaches occur via Phishing attacks, as much as 93%. It is therefore crucial for good security to pay attention to this and make your employees the strongest link in security. With the IRM360 Risk Awareness Management System (RAMS), you can fully integrate risk awareness into the IRM360 Management Systems such as the ISMS management system for information security or, for example, the PIMS management system for privacy. 


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The language is tailored to your licence. From the Advanced and Pro licence, you can choose from as many as 18 languages!

Behavior change, knowledge, and testing in one based on Plan-Do-Check-Act

From the RAMS management menu, risk awareness programs are easily set up and deployed to your users (Plan). Users have access to the E-Learning programs and tests via the task portal (DO) and are notified via E-Mail notification. Progress and results (Check) can be monitored via various dashboards, such as the ISMS. Reports and improvement actions can be fully integrated into the management assessment of ISO 27001 for example, and you are able to achieve continuous improvement (Act).


ISO 27001:2022 ready!

Especially for organizations that focus on ISO 27001 standards for information security, we have developed specific awareness programs tailored to the aspects of Physical, Human, Organizational, and Technical as well as Privacy. This allows you to fit in well with the Annex A requirements from ISO 27001 that are applicable from 2022.

Physical security:
  • Access security measures
  • Visitors
  • Protecting confidential information
  • Working from home and on the road
  • Backup
  • Passwords and 2FA authentication
  • Phishing
  • Hacking, Identity theft, Ransomware
  • Encryptie verkeer, opslag, e-mail
  • Patching
  • 2FA en Malware / Ransomware
  • Policies, procedures and guidelines
  • Laws and regulations incl. privacy
  • Fines, damages and your responsibilities
Available languages: Dutch, German, English, French, Finnish, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Czech, Polish, Italian, Hungarian, Slovak, Estonian, Lithuanian, Latvian, Chinese (Mandarin)

Continuous improvement in understanding demonstrable risk awareness
for the ISO 27001 audit

Central to the IRM360 management systems is the interactive executive assessment report. Herein you have the possibility to directly record the results of E-Learnings and use the measurement results for external certification audits e.g. ISO 27001, etc.


Manage all your Awareness programs in one place:

  • Easy user management by group level, function/role or even by ADFS/Azure AD Security groups.
  • Create own E-Learnings, add questionnaires and video material.
  • Instant insight into progress and results.
  • Available in multiple languages.

Subscription E-Learning pack

Our unique offer is that the number of users does not determine the price of our optional E-Learning packages, but rather your CyberManager license. For example, if you have a CyberManager Small license, then 5 management users will have access and an unlimited number of task users.

Our E-Learning packs are compatible with this licensing model.
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